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Ananta yoga & fusion shala

The New Name of Santosha yoga shala. In the same area with the same concept, but with a new & fresh program!
The new Zen multiplex southern suburbs hand of the interior designer Effie Karapiperi appeals to everyone regardless of sex and age, by offering each of us the opportunity to attain inner harmony.

Yoga found her home

Ananta, in Sanskrit Infinity or Eternity, is one of the most important and also most mysterious concepts! A concept that has always touched peoples' souls!

The Ananta yoga & fusion shala, is central core of the philosophy as a triune being (body, soul, spirit). It is the realization of a vision of Effie, having been doing practical yoga for the last five years and has become part of her life. So she decided to create a place esthete which relies on the principles of functionality and harmony.

The Ananta predisposes from the first step you take in, to leave for a little aside the stresses of everyday life and start a new and meaningful acquaintance with yourself and your body, in a warm and friendly environment and to feel intimate , as Effie's aim among other things, is the existence of a friendly atmosphere as well.


It is ideal for those who want to try to get first in-therapeutic for the body and the soul-world of yoga, for those who already have experience in this, but for those who are interested to watch the other alternative programs. The sessions are in small groups, so that the course be done with more care and detail and the participants ensure individual attention.

Addressed to all, regardless of gender, age and experience on the yoga. Something that general practice of curriculum, which is proved in practice by the wide variety of programs, which are taught by experienced instructors and include: Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow (also in English language), Iyengar, Aerial Antigravity, Acro, Pilates, Yogilates, Barre a Terre, Kids, Aerial kids, Prenatal, Mum & Baby , Fitness, and alternative courses, such Meditation, Spiritual healing, Restart dance (Body awakening through movement), Aerial Dance.

In the premises you will also find Effie's collection of clothes specially designed for yoga named Efi K., Jewelry NINA by Katerina Zervoudaki , other selected jewelry and accessories with the same concept, as well as natural Aloe cosmetics by Forever.

Free whichever session you are interested and you choose to try, in order to get to know Ananta!!!
Our aim and limit ... the infinity! We are expecting you to join our team !

Ashtanga Yoga (Led) Level 1,2
Hatha Yoga & Yoga flow
Aerial Antigravity Yoga
Iyengar yoga
Pilates / Yogilates

Barre a Terre
Yoga kids
Prenatal yoga
Mum & Baby Yoga
Spiritual Healing
Weekly Schedule
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